Monday, January 16, 2017

A warm 2016 TAURUS reunion at the 229th meeting of the AAS

2016 TAURUS Scholars in the AAS 229 Exhibition Hall.
Those of us at UT Austin didn't have to travel far to attend the 229th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in January 2017. It was held in Grapevine, TX, just outside of Dallas a quick three hours drive up the road. Every winter at the start of the new year, the AAS seems like the ultimate gathering place and an opportunity to look towards the future of astronomy in the US by meeting all of the young people who will make it happen.

Our 2016 TAURUS Scholars are among that group that will move this field forward into the future. AAS 229 was the first time the Scholars were reunited after their summer in Austin ended in August 2016. With posters in hand and networking skills polished off, TAURUS Scholars left an awesome impression on all they interacted with, from meet-and-greets, dinners, talks, and poster sessions. In many ways this served as a launching-off point, for Scholars to network with prospective employers and graduate schools, while also mingling with peers from other summer programs, including sister programs at Harvard University, the Banneker Institute and the Aztlan Institute.

We are so proud to have had a stellar first class of TAURUS Scholars, and to Elizabeth, Isaiah, Derek, Jennifer and Danielle:  we're eager to see where life takes you! Keep in touch!

Elizabeth explains solar twins.

Isaiah explaining his search for wide-separation planets.

Danielle explaining the IMF.

TAURUS, Banneker and Aztlán lunchtime meetup at AAS.