Monday, June 13, 2016

Opening Day for TAURUS @ UT!

Today was the first day of TAURUS!  We were delighted to welcome five incredible scholars to UT's campus this morning who will spend the next nine weeks in intensive research.  It was a busy day of meeting members of our Department of Astronomy, as well as walking around campus taking care of some practical matters like ID cards and office keys.  The heat almost cut our campus tour short, but we miraculously made it everywhere we needed to go without melting.  After a lunch with graduate students, the TAURUS scholars met with their mentors to talk science and what they would be working on over the next nine weeks.  We'll learn more about what they discover in the weeks to come, but first let's introduce them!  Here they are on top of the RLM building on campus (our physics, math and astronomy building, after checking out the telescope on the roof):

Right to left:

Danielle Rowland, joining us from Columbia University, working with Prof. Steven Finkelstein
Elizabeth Gutiérrez, joining us from Villanova University, working with Dr. Ivan Ramirez
Jennifer Medina, joining us from Florida International University, working with Dr. Andrew Mann
Derek Holman, joining us from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, working with Dr. Chao-Ling Hung
Isaiah Tristan, joining us from Rice University, working with Dr. Brendan Bowler
Me! Prof. Caitlin Casey, TAURUS coordinator.

As if day one wasn't busy enough, the department welcomed them with a special afternoon tea, including an opportunity to meet and talk with some of the 23 UT Austin-based undergraduate researchers doing active astronomy research over the summer.  Tomorrow, science!  Stay tuned.

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